mosaic management group provides a variety of individualized programs to dentists and dental practices. Our services are designed to solve your unique practice management concerns. We teach you how to gain control of your practice so your patients receive the care they need, you achieve the economic rewards you deserve, and you and your team have the time to enjoy life’s opportunities. You make beautiful smiles, and we love to see you smile about your practice.

How Can We Help You?

We’ve divided our services into seven categories. Choose the service type that’s right for your practice and contact us to help you find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Practice Needs AssessmentA one and a half day, on-site consultation visit to assess the practice management systems and the leadership of your dental practice. This visit concludes with budgeting, goal setting, and an action plan for the practice.

Fine-Tune Your PracticeWe provide a “shot in the arm” or “a little tweaking” on one or more systems in your practice.
Personnel ManagementCommunication about policies with employees results in fewer misunderstandings, and fairness and consistency with all employees.
Virtual CoachingWe provide consulting and coaching via the phone, email or skype on specific practice issues, or as a regular ongoing service.

Systems ReviewWe utilize a checklist for success to evaluate the key indicators of your systems. We action plan with your team to ensure greater success in meeting your goals.

Annual Strategic PlanningCreate clarity and focus around a plan for a new year to guarantee new levels of success. Checkup on your practice mid-year to see how you are doing versus your plan.

Comprehensive Practice Improvement

To create the practice you dream of, MOSAIC Management Group will guide you and your team through a 14-24 month step-by-step process.

Still not sure exactly what you need for your office? Download our Foundational Systems PDF checklist and check the areas in which your practice needs improvement. Then, simply e-mail us the completed checklist and we’ll figure out the perfect solution for your needs.