A one day program to revitalize your practice!

Many practices want a ‘shot in the arm’ or ‘a little tweaking’. But it can be difficult when trying to do it yourself. After all, you already have so much else on your plate.

Let us help! One of our workshops on a specific practice management topic or a team building experience might be just what you need.

Practice productivity and teamwork always improve after sessions such as:

  • Boring Huddles No More
  • Practical Low Cost Practice Promotion
  • Getting Patients to Say Yes
  • Life Would Be Easy if it Weren’t for Other People
  • Break Free from Cancellations

Plus, we specialize in designing programs tailored to meet your individual practice needs.

Let’s get started by having a conversation. Call us at (773) 294-5675 or email inquiries@mosaicmanagementgroup.com and we’ll schedule a time to discuss.

“We had more open time in our hygiene department than I knew we should have.  The schedule was full and then it would fall apart. My hygienists were not effective at using their down time to make recall calls.  I knew we could do better. I called Jody and Linda for help based on a colleagues recommendation. They came to our office for a day of training and we learned verbal skills, strategies and techniques that have had an impact on our open time. Now our hygienists are busy doing what they like to do – caring for patients – and I am not worried about who I am paying to do what.”

Anonymous DDS | Chicago, IL