Take the stress out of managing your personnel!

Keeping up with personnel protocols and policies can often lead to more questions than answers. For example, you may find yourself asking:

• What’s the correct way to handle a new employee’s first 90 days?
• Are there best practices for hiring and retaining the right people?
• Is my personnel policy manual up-to-date?
• What is the latest in labor laws and are we compliant?

That’s why when it comes to personnel management, mosaic can help you:

Communicate With Your Team

Communication about policies with employees results in fewer misunderstandings, and fairness and consistency with all employees. Not to mention less stress around managing day-to-day personnel issues and situations.

Stay Compliant

Because of the changing labor law environment, you may have concerns about whether your manual includes fair policies for all. Or if you need to update your policy manual, we recommend scheduling a complimentary phone call with us. We can advise you on an appropriate solution for your practice.

Hire and Retain The Right People

Many of our clients have been overwhelmed by applicants. Sorting through the resumes they receive is time consuming. And interviewing all the potential candidates does not always lead to a great match for the practice.

If you’ve been through this and are looking for a better way, ask us about holding a job orientation. A job orientation helps you get the strongest candidate and the best fit for your practice.

Let’s get started by having a conversation. Call us at (773) 294-5675 or email inquiries@mosaicmanagementgroup.com and we’ll schedule a time to discuss.

“Mosaic was a huge help to me in developing and structuring our practice personnel policy manual. Jody was able to walk me through the process, step by step, and we now have a policy manual that the team can refer to and the doctors know that the practice is HR compliant.”

Ann Schrot | Business Manager, Ann Arbor, MI