Are you maximizing your practice’s profitability?

Imagine having total control of your financial health because you have total understanding of your numbers.

We’ll show you how to identify and measure key profitability indicators so you’ll know exactly where your potential is and how to get there!

Even better, we can be as focused or as comprehensive as you need.


Perhaps there’s only one or two areas that you need help understanding and fixing. An example of this would be:

  • Why is hygiene flat?
  • Why do my expenses seem out of control?
  • Am I spending too much or too little on marketing?
  • Are my financial policies hurting my profitability?
  • Are my associates producing enough?
  • Is my restorative production a healthy ratio to my hygiene department?

This review is done over the phone or video conference – at a time that is convenient and quiet for you.


Looking to develop a long-term strategic business plan to maximize your financial health? We can help with that too.

First, we’ll create clarity and focus by conducting a thorough analysis of the previous twelve months’ productivity and expenditures. Then we’ll establish a budget, and determine manageable goals for the next twelve months.

Additionally, we’ll show you easy methods of diagnosing and reacting to your numbers. That way you’ll feel totally confident and in control of your financials!

Finally, we’ll have monthly check-ins so we can celebrate successes and advise on any necessary changes in direction.

Which plan makes the most sense for your needs? Focused or comprehensive?

Let’s get started by having a conversation. Call us at (773) 294-5675 or email and we’ll schedule a time to discuss.

“Jody and Linda helped our practice reach a whole new level of success! They presented solutions right away that were tailored to the Doctor’s goals for the business. They made it easy for us to implement changes and we started seeing results almost immediately. Now our team is working better together, our profits have exceeded the Doctor’s goals and this has allowed for bonuses for the team. With Jody and Linda on our side, I know we can do even more – our potential is unlimited!”

Office Manager | Chicago, IL 

“I always knew my practice could be more profitable, but I just didn’t know how to get there. Or what type of indicators I should be looking at in my financials. Since I started working with Jody and Linda, understanding my numbers has become so much easier. What use to seem complicated now makes a lot more sense. Knowing what to look for makes all the difference. More importantly, I started seeing results almost immediately – increased production, higher income, and less stress. Thank you Jody and Linda!”

Anonymous DDS | St. Louis, MO