Personnel Management

Do you have questions about your Personnel Policy Manual, or how to hire, or what to do during a new employee’s first 90 days?

Communication about policies with employees results in fewer misunderstandings, and fairness and consistency with all employees. Not to mention less stress around managing day-to-day personnel issues and situations.

As a result of the changing labor law environment, if you have concerns about whether your manual includes fair policies for all, or know you need to update your policy manual, we recommend scheduling a complimentary phone call with us. We can advise you on an appropriate solution for your practice.

Many of our clients have been overwhelmed by applicants. Sorting through the resumes they receive is time consuming, and interviewing all the potential candidates does not always lead to a great match for the practice. If you have been through this and are looking for a better way, ask us about holding a job orientation. A job orientation helps you get the strongest candidate and, the best fit for your practice.

Today’s labor law environment has changed. Are your protocols and personnel policy manual up-to date? Are your hiring practices working for you? Talk with us we can help.

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