Practice Needs Assessment

Are you looking to see what your practice potential is?

The first type of Practice Assessment reviews the numbers of your practice. During 4 hours of phone consultation we determine potential and and what limits you from reaching that potential. You’ll leave with goals and a plan to achieve those goals.

The second type of Practice Assessment is a one and a half day, on-site consultation visit to assess the practice management systems, the leadership of your dental practice, and the numbers of your business. This targets immediate areas for improvement and develops a long term strategic plan for the practice.

Prior to our arrival, you and the team complete a comprehensive workbook detailing the history of the practice. On-site, we observe the communication between your team and patients, we analyze your protocols, and we coach your team on immediate improvement areas.

On day two, we review our findings with the doctor, project production and expenses, create a budget and prioritize training objectives to meet the goals of the practice.

Are you ready to find out what your practice potential is and how to get there? Email us now and we’ll talk!

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