Virtual Coaching

Jump Start your practice by signing up for My Mosaic Coach

We provide consulting and coaching on specific practice issues, or as a regular ongoing service. Together with you, we review practice statistics, discuss teamwork, frustrations, and action plan solutions for your practice. Through this service we help clients who are more “DIY” in nature. We are their sounding board and help ensure they get results.

Many of our clients say this service is the one thing that keeps them accountable to achieving their practice potential.

We work with our clients on a myriad of issues like:
  • You would like your practice manager to have access to a coach to help him/her be more effective in Doctor and Team situations.
  • Some things you read or hear about sound like they could work for your practice. Are they right for you? How do you adapt them to work for your practice?
  • You think your leadership skills could get better and are ready to work on it.
  • You want to be accountable to someone so things get done in your practice.

How could this work best for you and your practice? Let’s Talk and find out.

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