Using the Intra-Oral Camera


Introduce the benefits of the intra-oral camera to the patient.

Desired Result:

An average of 90% case acceptance on significant treatment. The patient completely understands why the treatment is needed and the benefits of quality comprehensive dental care.

How To:

It is important the entire clinical team is trained in the efficient and effective use of the intra-oral camera. It is an important diagnostic and educational tool to be used at every visit.  We recommend radiographs up on the operatory computer screen or on a view box, and a photo series available during patient evaluations. These tools help the Doctor diagnose needed treatment and the patient understand their needs. Introduce the camera with enthusiasm and prepare the patient for what they will see.

“Mrs. Smith, so that you can see what I see when I look in your mouth, I am going to use this small camera to take pictures of your teeth and gums. They will show up on our monitor here, for you to review with doctor. We can see areas that have improved and areas in your mouth that are perfect. Also we will be able to zoom in and magnify areas of concern so that you can understand our treatment recommendations.

Often times we can see problems early, before they cause you pain, or before something breaks down and requires more extensive and expensive treatment. Our goal is to allow you to clearly see the condition of your oral health and to help you make wise treatment decisions and so you have conservative, affordable care.”

The camera can also be an important part of the emergency appointment. Along with a PA, take a picture of the painful, rough tooth. Leave the picture on the screen in the operatory while waiting for the Doctor to arrive. The Doctor might consider asking the patient “Well, what do you think?”. The patient will often diagnose themselves, and help the Doctor understand what further explanation is needed for the patient to move forward with appropriate treatment.