Preventing New Patient “No Shows”


Preventing New Patient “No Shows.”

Desired Result:

The patient shows up on time, prepared with their paperwork and “wowed” by the practice, so that they refer their friends and family.

How To:

The appointment coordinator reviews the schedule for any new patient appointment and prepares a call list for the doctor. The doctor makes a personal phone call, the day before the appointment, to personally welcome them to the practice and offers to answer any questions or concerns they may have about the paperwork or the appointment.

It might sound like this:

“Hello Mrs. Jones, this is Dr. Tim Johnson. I am calling to let you know that I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at 2 pm. I am reviewing the notes that Kim gave me to prepare for your visit, and wanted to offer any assistance with the medical and dental history forms we asked you to complete prior to your visit.”

If you are leaving a message, leave your number for them to call with any question.

“Please feel free to call me at 888-123-4567, and I will see you tomorrow.”

The patient is impressed that the dentist took the time to call and welcome them to the practice. The patient is not only reminded of the appointment but feels a commitment to your practice. You have already begun to develop a caring and trusting relationship with the new patient. You have let them know that you prepare for the visit and that the paperwork is an important part of the appointment. The patient will most likely mention to a family member, friend or work colleague the phone call they received from you and how welcoming everything about your practice has been!