We listen and carefully analyze your practice. Between our expertise and your enthusiasm, we can create tremendous results. Our clients enjoy improvements in many areas of their practices including:

  • Systems: Specific standards are developed and implemented in areas such as appointment scheduling, payment arrangements, preventive care and the new patient experience. They make sense and are easy to work with for you and your patients.
  • Financial Control: Development of an annual business plan for productivity and profitability is essential for every practice. We teach and assist you in establishing goals, how to diagnose and react to your numbers, and we monitor them monthly with you so that we can celebrate your successes or direct you to change course if necessary.
  • Teamwork: While working with MOSAIC Management Group, staff members learn that each person is pivotal to the success of the practice. Staff is a doctor’s most important asset! Through our training, coaching, and mentorship, staff members blossom!
  • Customer Service: Patients respond in wonderful ways when they know you care about and respect them. An enhanced customer service approach is a part of everything we teach you…and patient satisfaction and referrals go up!
  • Communication Skills: You’ve heard it said, “Patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Whether it’s verbal or written communication, or what your facility communicates about you, we make sure your patients know you care!
  • Leadership: A well-defined and articulated vision is a successful practice’s “North Star.” We help you stay the course. Your staff is excited about being on your team and your personal satisfaction is palpable!

You are a clinical expert. We are practice management experts. We are excited about helping you achieve the results you want but are just not sure how to get on your own!