Treatment Acceptance

What are you and your team focusing on to help patients understand the need for the treatment you are recommending and want to move forward with it?

Consider discussing at your next team meeting:
Your treatment planning – is it communicated clearly from the back to the front. How could it be improved?

Are you prepared for your consults – do you know your patients hot buttons, do you frame your explanation of treatment using their motivators or concerns? Do you understand their personal style, how it differs from yours, and how you need to adapt? Are you clear with your patients about the risks of waiting and what that will mean in terms of time and money? Patients want to understand what to do – most want to do something conservative and not life changing. I have heard it said that patients want “it” to look good, feel natural, and last a long time. Especially in these times they want value for their money.

Is your hygiene team supporting restorative treatment – do they focus on dentistry (what the patient is paying for when they come into the office, not just social chit chat), do they set the patient up well? Do you come in earlier in the appointment for the hygiene exam? Does the patient have to wait? Are you and your hygienist “in sync” about what the patients’ restorative and periodontal needs are?

What are doing to set yourself apart from other area dentists and to make it worthwhile to come to your practice? Think about how you might market the Oral Cancer detecting equipment, a Laser, a CEREC, or other similar system to your patients. These all provide a benefit that a patient might want and they give the patient a story to talk about with their friends and colleagues.

Keep focused on what is positive and on the basics in your practice!