Personnel Policy Manual

If you don’t have a clear and expertly drafted Personnel Policy Manual, then you are attempting to build your team on quicksand. Today’s employment law is a legal minefield and you must have a policy manual that is fair for all employees and that you follow (no special treatment for “special” team members). Just one wrong word, from a set of policies that you copied from someone else or downloaded, can have serious monetary consequences. This is way too easy to do right. We recommend Bent Ericksen and Associates Personnel Policy Manual. This is an easy way to establish fair policies for all your team members and to be compliant with your state regulations (which in some cases take precedence to the federal government’s regulations) as well as ensuring compliance with the federal regulations. A significant benefit of going with a company that researches employee policy daily is they stay on top of the changes. If you are not already using their information, ask us about it, it really is the most comprehensive we have found out there. No one wants to believe an employee will leave their employment and sue the Doctor and the practice, but it happens.