New Book to Read

Most of us recognize that we have a tendency to look for the bad news, the problems. The new book, Switch: How to change when change is hard, explores finding a road map for taking action. They illustrate how our capacity for analysis is endless, that successes can look like warning signs to our problem-solving brains. The authors teach us that we must look for the bright spots even when all we think we see is failure, and use that to create hope. I personally really believe that if all you see is problems that is all you will get in life. I have seen it over and over again with clients. Focus on the negative and it will come to you. On the other hand, believe that you are making progress, how ever small, and you will continue to move forward. As a practice leader you can showcase what is working rather than focusing on all the problems and give your team courage and hope to continue to do the difficult things. The book has a good message, I encourage you to read it.