Lighthouse PLZ

At the MidWinter Meeting Linda and I had the opportunity to reconnect with the original creators of PracticeWorks. They have teamed with the people who originally brought you the Caesy patient education system. They are now known as Lighthouse and have a patient contact system called PLZ that will basically run your recall system for you. It also has a direct mail marketing system that is so much less costly than anything else I have heard. It is a really well thought out program and a better value than Demand Force or what Sesame or Televox will do for you. Since Lighthouse’s inception in 2003, they have helped hundreds of PracticeWorks users use the program the way they intended it to be used. A particular specialty is “going chartless” – they have it down to a science. They are really not promoting the PracticeWorks consulting they do but if you have PracticeWorks you get support for the software by using the PLZ system. I have always liked PracticeWorks because of how the program was thought through and how aligned it has been to the systems we traditionally recommend. This program is no different, I am impressed.

They are also passing on the special they were running at the MidWinter Meeting to our clients for the month of March. I hope you can take advantage of it. The first month is $99 and it is $199 per month after that. You have no contract unlike what you have to do with the other similar systems out there. Of course this does require that you have email addresses but if you do not they have a postcard system that will get them for you. If you are reducing your team’s paid time in your practice to deal with the consumer confidence crisis, this ensures your patients get contacted by your practice. Collections and recall traditionally suffer when you are even slightly short staffed. Check them out at