Is your website listed with these local directories?

Here are 10 FREE local business directories that you should submit your website to in order to increase your online visibility and encourage new patients to try your practice.

Top 3

1. Google Local Business Center
Listing your website in the Google Local Business Center is a must. Your local business listing can include: your business address, website url, maps, location photos, business description, directions, business categories, etc. Your local search listing appears before regular(organic) search listings in the search engine results page (AKA SERPS).

2. Yahoo Local
Submitting your site to Yahoo Local is also very important. Your listing options with Yahoo Local are similar to those in the Google Local Business Center. You shouldn’t expect as much traffic from Yahoo Local as with the Google Local Business Center, but it can be substantial nonetheless.

3. Bing Local Listing Center
Rounding out my top 3 recommendations is the Bing Local Listing Center. Although the Bing Local Listing Center is still in its infancy, people are already receiving significant traffic from it.

Also consider ensuring you are listed in the following:
7. Yelp
8. Localeze

Most of us do not take the time to delve deep and spend lots of time searching for something. Make it easy for your patients and their friends to find you online. Encourage patients to complete reviews. Begin the new year by listing your practice, it takes little time and is easy to do. Who on your team could you assign this project to?