Great Message to start your week

Alan Weiss is a consultant’s consultant. He posts messages on a weekly basis that make you think about your business and your interaction with your clients. I thought this was a great message to share.
This week’s focus point:
I’m hearing too often from solo practitioners and small business owners that they feel “blowing their own horn” and assertive promotion is inappropriate, that it conflicts with personal humility. My view is that the greatest service we can perform is helping others by providing the value and talents we possess. That requires our alerting people to our willingness to convey them. This is an occupation, not an avocation. Idle boasting is never appropriate, but honest discussions of how you can help others is a requirement. We’re here to make waves, not to merely stick our toes in the water.

Monday Morning Perspective: Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow. — Swedish proverb.

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He is a wonderful resource to keep you on track