Twitter Objections

Top 10 Twitter Objections from Michael Hyatt CEO of Thomas Nelson,Inc. He has a great website at This is just part of one of his posts … Enjoy

  1. “That sounds silly.” This is precisely what I said to my friend, Randy Elrod, when he introduced the service to me. He wisely said, “You won’t really understand Twitter until you try it?” I still think that’s right. Therefore, I challenge people to read my post, “12 Reasons to Start Twittering” and then try Twittering for two weeks. If they don’t like it after two weeks, fine. At least they will know first-hand why it didn’t work for them. Continue reading “Twitter Objections”

Social Media is Bigger than you think

I would recommend watching this You Tube video about the social media revolution. Using social media to create brand presence for your practice will be an important marketing strategy. This is the future, and yes, it will take some time to learn and figure it out. So start now and get involved, play around with what is out there. This is much, much more than telling about where you got your coffee this AM.

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6 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and One Not So Easy – Marketing & Sales – Biznik

This is a good article – how many of you are blogging regularly about the things PATIENTS want to know about? Blogs are an important means to introducing prospective patients to what your practice is about, it is another way to let them test the waters without having to open their mouth to you. Think of it as an introduction to you and your team and a platform for the common interests you share (of course, leaving out sex, politics and religion 🙂 ).

6 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and One Not So Easy – Marketing & Sales – Biznik